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The Farmhouse Pool


2019 Pool Hours

May 17 (Opening Day)                          Friday 4pm-8pm

May 18 - June 4                                     Monday -  Friday 4pm-8pm

                                                                Saturday 10am-8pm

                                                                Sunday 11am-8pm


May 27 (Memorial Day)                      Monday 10am-8pm

June 5 - August 25                               Monday - Saturday 10am-8pm

                                                               Sunday 11am-8pm

August 26- September 7                      Monday - Friday 4pm-8pm

                                                               Saturday 10am-8pm

                                                               Sunday 11am-8pm

September 2 (Labor Day)                   Monday 10am-8pm

September 8 (Closing Day)                 Sunday 11am-4pm

September 8 (Pups in the Pool)          Sunday 4pm-6pm

Wendell Falls pool is a private, salt water pool open to residents of Wendell Falls non-resident seasonal pool members.

Pool Professionals is the pool management company for the 2019 season. They manage, maintain, and staff over 200 pools with lifeguards and pool managers in the area. 

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