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HOA Information

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NameDescriptionTypeLast Updated
New Homeowner Introduction to the HOA Document to help new homeowners understand how to get set up with the HOA. 1/16/2018
Wendell Falls Community Standards see file for information 3/16/2018
Account & Closing FAQ's see file for information 2/22/2018
HOA FAQs Frequently Asked Questions 10/6/2017
FirstService Residential Paying Assess' FAQs see file for information 8/28/2017
Collections Policy see file for information 12/14/2017
FirstService Residential Intro Announcement see file for information 8/24/2017
WINTER POLICY AND MAP Snow removal policy and map 1/3/2018

Amenity Documents

[ top ]
NameDescriptionTypeLast Updated
Amenity Rental Agreement see file for information 3/9/2018
2018 Pool Membership Application see file for information 3/7/2018
TRAIL MAP FEB 2018 see file for information 2/9/2018
Pet Waste Stations - MAP Map of Pet Waste Stations 7/19/2016

Architectural Design Guidelines

[ top ]
NameDescriptionTypeLast Updated
DRC Appl - Fences, etc. - NOTE: $25 FEE/SUBMITTAL For Fences, Trash Bin Screenings, Structural Additions, Satellite Dishes, Awnings, Screen Enclosures,etc 12/14/2017
DRC Appl - Landscaping - NOTE: $25 FEE/SUBMITTAL For Landscaping Additions / Modifications / Alterations, etc 12/14/2017
DRC Appl - Color Select - NOTE: $25 FEE/SUBMITTAL Color Selection / Changes 12/14/2017
DRC Appl - Variance - NOTE: $25 FEE/SUBMITTAL Request a Variance 12/14/2017
Fencing Reference Guide see file for information 2/23/2018
Trash / Recycle Container Screening Guidelines see file for information 12/14/2017
WENDELL FALLS HOA DESIGN GUIDELINES Design guidelines and DRC application 2/9/2018
Landscape Maintenence Standards Landscape Maintenance Standards 12/14/2017
FOR SALE SIGNS - GUIDELINES see file for information 2/9/2018

Legal Documents (CC & R's , etc)

[ top ]
NameDescriptionTypeLast Updated
Wendell Falls Community Conditions & Restrictions see file for information 5/19/2015
SUPPLEMENTAL DECLARATION - PH5C see file for information 2/9/2018
Recorded First Amendment Declaration Recorded First Amendment Declaration 6/7/2017
SUPPLEMENTAL DECLARATION - PH5B, CA34 11-7-17 see file for information 1/31/2018
SUPPLEMENTAL DECLARATION -  Ph 5A 8/28/17 see file for information 2/9/2018
SUPPLEMENTAL DECLARATION -WENDELL FALLS PH 2B see file for information 10/24/2016
SUPPLEMENTAL DECLARATION -Wendell Falls Ph 3B- Rec see file for information 2/9/2018
SUPPLEMENTAL DECLARATION - WENDELL FALLS SF13 see file for information 10/24/2016
SUPPLEMENTAL DECLARATION-WENDELL FALLS PH13-B see file for information 6/7/2017

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